Research Academy Ruhr

As a platform of the University Alliance, Research Academy Ruhr develops mutual perspectives and joint programmes to support young researchers. It prepares them for careers in research, business, and society, enhances networking among existing research projects within UA Ruhr and helps the initiation of new joint research projects.

Research Academy Ruhr - Joint PhD Programs

Fostering and sponsoring young researchers is one of our most vital key responsibilities. In addition to numerous programs at the UA Ruhr partner universities, the UA Ruhr has set up a range of initiatives to promote early career starters, most importantly the inter-university and interdisciplinary programs ScienceCareerNet Ruhr (SCNR) and Global Young Faculty, as well as the RUB Research School, which is also open to PhD graduates participating in structured programs at the partner universities.

In their respective disciplines, early career starters are supported through numerous joint PhD programs available within the UA Ruhr: